Drush is the best tool for Drupal development and administration. I liked it since the firt time I used it. I consider it an essential tool for Drupal.

Downloading and enabling a module is as simple as typing “drush en -y module_name”.

$ d en -y url
url was not found.                                                     [warning]
The following projects provide some or all of the extensions not found:     [ok]
Would you like to download them? (y/n): y
Project url (7.x-1.0) downloaded to sites/all/modules/contrib/url.     [success]
The following extensions will be enabled: url
Do you really want to continue? (y/n): y
url was enabled successfully.

This is a simple example of drush, however it can be extremely useful for task as migrations. Check it!



04 February 2014




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